APO Discovery Concert 2019

My second commission as part of the APO 'Rising Star' Young Composer-in-Residence programme was premiered by the APO (conductor Tianyi Lu) and Westlakes Chorolation Choir (director Rowan Jonson) at the Auckland Town Hall, Queen Street, Auckland CBD, New Zealand 01/05/2019. I was blessed with this opportunity to write for both full orchestra and SATB choir. I decided to write a piece called 'Ko Maui me te Rā' on the traditional Māori legend 'Maui and the Sun' which is the story of how Maui was able to make our days longer by pulling the sun with his rope. I am quite proud of this piece and think this is my best work I have written so far, though I don't really have a particular reason to why that is. I just like it... a lot! Pictured below are some photos of the event, me introducing the piece, me and Aorere staff who attended, as well as some family photos of those who came to support me (Photo 1 + 5 copyright Adrian Malloch). You can read about this event here. (Recording coming soon!)

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