APO Summer School 2020 - Tutor

Updated: Jan 27

For the APO Summer School 2020, I was asked to return as tutor for the APO Summer School 2020 (January 13 - 17). During the week, students are split up into five tutor groups, where they do activities, music-making and lots of other fun stuff. This year, we had Jarcinda Stowers-Ana and Tuaratini Ra'a of the Pacifica Mamas group come in and present a few Pacifika legends to us. Then they gave each group the task to present their own story, and had to support it with dance, choreography, and music. At the end of week, we celebrated with a Finale Concert as we do every year. APO Rising Star of the year, David Mason, premiered his piece 'Ekimmaras' which he had composed for the APO Summer School Finale Concert 2020. You can read more about the event here and here.

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