APO Summer School 2021 - Tutor

I was yet again asked to be a tutor for the APO Summer School 2021 (January 18 - 22). Like before, students were spilt up into five groups where we did fun team building exercises and music-making activities. We were tasked to make an ensemble performance out of our group, and I had tasked our kids to split into performers, a conductor, and a few presenters. I left it up to the group to decided what repertoire they were going to play, and they ended up choosing Anyone Retrieve the Woman (a tik-tok song) and Viva La Vida by Coldplay. My group did extremely well considering they only had a week to learn and rehearse two new pieces (albeit short pieces). We also had the honour and privilege to have the perform for us Wednesday morning, as well as their excellent tutorage to the ensemble groups throughout the day. APO Rising Star 2021, Rosa Elliot, premiered her piece 'Te Rerenga Wairua' who composed her piece for the APO Summer School Finale Concert 2021 on the Friday. Lastly, a big thank you to Thomas Hamill, Felicity McKenzie, Graham Bell, Miriam McCombe and the rest of the APO team for giving me this blessed opportunity to work with these wonderful kids. You can read about the event here and here.

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