APO Summer School Finale Concert 2019

Updated: Jan 26

My first commission from the APO 'Rising Star' Young Composer-in-Residence programme was premiered by the APO (conductor David Kay) at the Auckland Town Hall, Queen Street, Auckland CBD, New Zealand 18/02/2019. An interesting fact about the piece - it was originally named 'Whanaungatanga' which in English means relationships, and it is a very important concept in Māoridom. However, I decided to change the name last minute to 'Hīkoi' meaning 'Journey' because the piece depicted a journey of several societal changes rather than relationships. The APO Summer School is a week long event where students of intermediate and secondary schools (aged 10 - 18) work with the professional musicians of the orchestra, and end the week off with a Finale Concert to present their efforts. Throughout the week they do activities, sectional and tutti rehearsals as well as many other exciting things! My family were very impressed with the premier, a lot of tears were shed! You can watch the premier here, listen to it here, or read about the event here.

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