Winner of Llewelyn Jones Piano Competition 2018

Updated: Jan 27

In my third and final year of my Bachelors, one of my assignments was to write a piano work. I decided to write a piece for two pianos and voice, 'E Ka Tanuku' in memory of my great-great-grandfather Kepa Hamuera Anaha Ehau (1885-1970) who was a great Māori orator in his time. His speeches are still remembered to this day by whānau. You can hear his poroporoaki (farewell) to Bishop Frederick Augustus Bennett in 1950 here. 'E Ka Tanuku' comes from an infamous pohuatau (speech opening) which he would often say during a tangi (Māori funeral). The piece was premiered by pianists Soomin Kim, Lulu Feng and myself on voice at the Music Theatre, School of Music, Auckland CBD at the Llewelyn Jones Piano Competition Concert 01/06/2018. This date also happened to be my grandfather Sonny Reuben Te Wehioterangi Pene's (grandson of Kepa) birthday, to which I gave a short tribute to him before the start of the piece. This piece won the competition and went on to be one of my most prided compositions. You can listen to the premier here, and find the event here.

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