Composition Workshop 2019 - Presentation

Updated: Jan 27

On 22/03/2019, I presented my research on the use of Taonga Pūoro (the traditional Māori instruments) in Contemporary Notation. This was for one of my courses in my third year where students were tasked with researching a musical topic of their choice in depth. The end result of this research was a hypothetical work for four Taonga Pūoro players named 'Ora, Mate', which I also showcased at the workshop. Lecturer Dr. John Coulter was highly impressed with my research, so much so he had asked me to present at a Composition Workshop, which I gladly accepted. Also presenting at the workshop was New Zealand young composer Reuben Jelleyman, who presented a few ensemble works of his own.

The presentation went rather well considering the Christchurch Mosque Shootings had occurred only a few days earlier. I did a short mihi to those who had lost their lives at the start of my presentation. The presentation was met with lots of thought-provoking and curious responses, as there is a lack of research in this side of the industry. The Taonga Pūoro are an important part of New Zealand music history, and to see it return and flourish in the contemporary scene as it has now is astonishing. My Taonga Pūoro journey has still only begun, and I hope to learn more of these instruments in the future. This research project could also be picked up later on as a Masters or Doctoral thesis. You can read more about the event here.

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