Douglas Mews Prize for Choral Composition 2019

On 08/11/2019, my piece 'Takoto man rā' for SSSAAATTTBBB divisi choir, Tenor and Soprano Solo received the Douglas Mews Prize for Choral Composition in 2019. This Prize is awarded to the best composition of a setting for unaccompanied choir and was established in December 1983 by the late Dr Douglas Mews, to mark his retirement from the post of Associate-Professor of Music after fifteen years on the staff of the University of Auckland. This piece was my final assignment as a composition student. I decided to write this piece in memory of paternal grandfather Waata Rameka, who had passed away on 15/12/2016. In his final moments, he requested to be transported back to his home in Takau to breathe his last breath. I was in the room when he passed, along with many other whānau members. There was a singular moment when we all knew he had passed and for me, it was like I could see his spirit leave his body. Pictured below is photo of him in 2011. You can buy the score here. (Coming soon!)

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