Tapuaetahi AGM 2020 - Presentation

I was invited to the Tapuaetahi Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020 at Hiruharama Hou Marae, Te Tii, Mangonui (east of Waipapa) to be a guest speaker, speaking on my time as a composition student at the University of Auckland as well as showcasing my piece 'Hikoi' to my hapū and whānau. Many people at the meeting were generally unaware of the concert world and thus were surprised to see a whanaunga of theirs doing such work. I'd like to thank Henare Kapa for inviting me, as well as Mariao Hohaia, Kipa Munro and the rest of the Tapuaetahi Inc. for supporting my studies over the years through their tertiary grants. This was generally a great event and I hope to showcase my compositions to other hapū eventually!

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