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“[Takoto mai rā] is a deeply felt and effective score, beautifully realised with a lot of detail and good instructions for the performers.”

Leonie Holmes 2018

"Our NCEA Music students and teachers went to see Aorere Alumni, Reuben Rameka premier 'Ko Maui Me Te Ra' with APO. Stunning piece, beautiful use of Te Reo Maori and exquisite balance of the orchestra!"

Aorere College 2019

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“[on Takoto mai rā] A very effective response to the texts… Strongly shaped musical ideas and a confident and clear sense of where the music is going. Good contrasts of texture. Strongly shaped harmonic language… An impressive piece which exploits the world of choral possibilities very well. Nicely judged ending.”

David Hamilton 2020

“Hikoi translates as journey in Reuben’s work. It has a trepidation about it in the opening section, like the trepidation of journeying away from your home. But builds to a very graceful cinematic middle section that felt to me like the beauty of new discovery and may echo her [Ruia Morrison’s] style as a tennis player. Following this, there is a short reserved section of longing for home. But then the percussion takes over and we have a powerful and victorious finale of discovering the inner strength to be who you are on your own journey.”

Felicity McKenzie 2020

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